First, Cardinal Sin Boudoir provides a luxury boudoir experience that’s completely custom-tailored to each individual client, We tailor poses to personality and body type, in order to show you at your best.


Second, Like most other retail establishments, your session reservation fee will need to be paid in full before your session. Your session date and time will be held on our calendar, and your makeup/hair stylist's calendar only after your session reservation fee is completely paid. The session reservation fee is non-refundable. This fee does NOT include any images, in digital or print form. All images must be purchased separately.  Product and image orders must be paid in full before items are ordered. No images will be delivered until the entire order is paid in full.


Third, speaking of images and products, there is not a minimum purchase requirement. Our packages start at $1450, in addition to the reservation fee. We also have a la carte items that start around $275. Orders are due at the time of viewing appointment, which generally takes place 2-3 weeks after our photo shoot.



We accept all major credit cards, cash and check. Credit cards are processed through Stripe.


Please note, in the case of checks, your orders will not be processed until the check is processed by our bank. Returned checks are subject to a $35 fee.


Now, what are your options for payment of my images and products?


A) You can pay your session reservation fee and order in full, either by cash, credit card, or check.


B) You can split your order amount into four to six monthly payments. Your credit card will be charged once a month on the day you choose for the agreed upon amount.


C) You can use our Boudy Bank System. The system is explained below.


D) You can go to Paypal and apply for Paypal Credit. Once approved, you can let us know. We can invoice you for the full amount. You can use your Paypal Credit to pay the invoice in full. Your payments will be made to Paypal Credit.



About the Boudy Bank System


Most women, when asked what held them back from doing a boudoir session, responded with "body issues" and "cost".  Since a boudoir session can actually help with the body issues, we decided to eliminate the stress of cost by providing a premium boudoir experience with a simple payment option. The Boudy Bank System is designed for the complete experience - both the session reservation fee and your image order.


There are just four simple steps:


1: Choose Your Session: Just choose the type of session you want to experience.


2: Choose your ideal products: Digital images, wall art, albums - you decide.


3: Determine your payment plan: You can make payments into a Boudy Bank System for up to 12 months, so you can decide your payment amount and schedule.


4: Book Your Session: When you are only 1 payment away from your final amount, we can book your session. Since everything will be paid for, you can sit back and enjoy your session!


Boudy Bank System Frequently Asked Questions


Who Is Eligible For The Boudy Bank System?

The Boudy Bank System is open to any client, especially those that don't have a certain occasion in mind for their session.


How Long Can I Pay Into It?

You can pay into your Boudy Bank System for up to 12 months. That is one whole year!  Your session won't be booked until you are 1 payment out from the final amount, so you will have lots of time to prepare.


Are Payments Refundable?

Unfortunately not. A lot of time and effort goes into managing your account, as well as planning for your session and products, so once payments have been made into the Boudy Bank System, they will not be able to be refunded.


What are the benefits to The Boudy Bank System?

There are several! You can do something for yourself without a large, upfront cost. When your session date comes along, you will be able to relax and enjoy, without worrying about the cost. You will be able to get the experience and product(s) that you desire the most, and you won't have to narrow down your images to fit into your budget during your reveal.