Hair and makeup services are available for an additional fee. Please let us know at the time of booking as we have to reserve this time with the artists, sometimes three or more weeks prior to the session.




Things to consider for your session:


Makeup for photography sessions needs to be applied differently than your usual makeup looks. The lighting and camera lens can be somewhat unforgiving, so your makeup needs to be applied with a much more careful hand.


Plan out your outfits so that your makeup selection with fit in with the clothing.  Bring your makeup bag in case you need to touch up anything, or change up your look for a different outfit.  Make sure you plan enough time for this in your session!






Short hair for boudoir shoots is stunning because it shows off your beautiful face, neck and shoulder lines.



If you have medium or longer length hair, be prepared for me to mess it up because I love using hair as an accessory during your shoot!  If your hair is longer than chin length, I recommend a style that will allow some movement.



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