Sexy Looks for Him


Whether you have a shoot coming up for yourself or for you and your loved one, here are some handy resources that should help you to knock your session out of the park!





​Soft T-shirts are great because we can tug at them and manipulate them during your shoot.  Neutral colors like black, navy, hunter green, white and heather gray tend to look the best.




Boxer Briefs


Who doesn't love how great a guy looks in a well-fitting pair of boxer briefs?  Again, stick to neutral colors- no neon colors please! Prints are good too as long as the print is small.







Nope, we are NOT talking about white athletic socks here fellas! If you want to wear socks because they reflect your personality, these socks need to be fun! Nope, no neon colors here either!




Jeans & a White Tank


A soft, well-worn pair of jeans is HOT!!  Nothing too dark or too stiff please! Slightly distressed? Even better!






YESSSS! A slouchy but nicely fitting pair of gray sweats can make a person SWOON!






​Do you have a favorite watch? scarf? hat? bring them to your session!




Make sure your sweats have a nice drawstring on the outside and they aren't too snug!


A button down shirt with nice fitting pants and a draped tie give off great vibes!  Just make sure your items have been ironed before your shoot!


Fun patterns are best if you want to wear socks in front of the camera!


Be sure to select jeans that are loose and have a little stretch These are HOT because they are understated and let your body speak for itself!


Love patterns? Go for small designs.


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