• Q. What is a consultation?

    A. Consultations are the meetings I have with my clients prior to the session.. We discuss all of the details regarding their upcoming portrait experience including: locations, dates, weather, concepts, outfits, accessories, and ordering options. Consultations are an integral part of creating a stress-free shooting experience and beautiful images!

  • Q. How long is a session?

    A. We take a limited number of sessions each year in order to provide our clients with the most personal experience possible—which means we’ll never rush through your session in order to get to another. Plan on being here around 4 to 5 hours (if makeup and hair are included). While we understand that you may want to bring someone along for moral support, please make sure that the person is over 21 years old.

  • Q. Where will my photo shoot take place?

    A. In and around our studio, which is located on our six acres in Lucedale, MS, unless it is a special event session. In that case, we might have a hotel, air bnb, or other location rented for the sessions.

  • Q. How will I know how to pose or what will look good?

    A. Don't worry! We have taken numerous classes on posing for all body types. We are experts on showcasing you at your best. This is what we do. Need more information?

  • Q. When do I pay for my session reservation fee and what does it cover?

    A. Your full reservation fee payment is required at the time of booking- usually this is at the consultation. This fee is the only way to hold your appointment.  The session fee covers the time, talent, and creative fee of the portrait artist,, as well as the time and talent of the makeup and hair stylist(s), if applicable. This reservation fee is non-refundable. This fee does NOT include any images, in digital or print form, unless specifically stated.

  • Q. Do you have minimum order requirements?

    A. Cardinal Sin Boudoir provides a luxury boudoir experience that’s completely custom-tailored to each individual client, We tailor poses to personality and body type, in order to show you at your best. We do not have a minimum purchase requirement, but our packages start at $200, in addition to the reservation fee. We also have a la carte items that start around $275. Orders are due at the time of viewing appointment, which generally takes place 2-3 weeks after our photo shoot.

  • Q. What if I need to reschedule my session?

    A. I understand that unexpected events may occur, whether due to illness, weather, travel delays, or emergencies. If you need to reschedule, please call me as soon as possible (at least 24-48 hours in advance). While the session fees are non-refundable, you may use it to reschedule within 3 months of your original appointment date.

  • Q. When do I get to see my images and place my order?

    A. Your online gallery will be up approximately 2-3 weeks after your session. You will be notified when it is ready. Your gallery will be watermarked diagonally across the middle of the images.

  • Q. When is payment due for my order?

    A. I require 100% of your order total at the time the order is placed, unless a payment plan has been discussed and agreed upon.  Your order must be paid for in full before ANY portion of your order is completed or before any part of your order is picked up.  Balances must also be paid in full to receive ANY digital images. Partial delivery based upon amounts paid or percentage paid is not allowed. Please make a note of the packages and products listed on the website and be prepared to pay the amount for the items you desire. Orders are custom made and are non-refundable.

  • Q. What if I want a copy of my images?

    A. All images remain the property of Cardinal Sin Boudoir and are protected by federal copyright laws. Duplication in part or whole (whether by scanning, saving from social media or website, or reprinting) is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted by law.  This includes posting scanned images to social media websites and downloading or otherwise saving any images that are posted to social media on any Cardinal Sin Boudoir account. Any digital images that have been purchased may not be cropped, edited, filtered or altered in any way- this includes Instagram filters (they actually don't make the images look better). If you're ever not sure about how you can use an image, just ask!

  • Q. I just want a flash drive of all the images taken at my session. Can I get that?

    A. We have packages to include the flash drive with images. Please see the "Packages" page for information.

  • Q. Things got out-of-control crazy and I didn't book my session as early as originally planned! Can I still book with you and receive my items before my wedding/anniversary/other big day?

    A. Trust us, we understand schedule craziness! And FYI, we don’t believe in punishing our clients for booking last-minute. Order and design sessions typically take place just two to three weeks after our photo shoot. If you’re in a rush, however, we’ll bump up the order session by one week free of charge. Need your edited photos within two weeks along with those special items for you or your loved one? Give us a ring and we’ll talk rush fees. 601-990-9542

  • Q. Let’s talk budget …

    A. Let’s do! We don't have a minimum order requirement, but our packages start at $ 200, in addition to the reservation fee. To accommodate different budgets, we offer four payment options:  1) You can pay all of your package fees up front during your viewing session. Cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted. We will order your items asap, and you will receive your items usually within two to four weeks. 2) You can split your collection amount into four to six monthly payments. When your package is paid in full, we will place your order. You will receive your items between two to four weeks after the final payment is made. 3) You can use our Boudy Bank system. Pick out your collection before your session. Make up to twelve (12) monthly payments toward your collection and reservation fee. Once the final payment is made, we will make your session appointment. Your items will be ordered after your viewing appointment, with you receiving your items two to four weeks after, and lastly, 4) We do accept Paypal Credit. You can apply with Paypal. It's almost like a credit card. You use Paypal Credit to pay for your collection. We are paid in full up front, you get all of your awesome products, and the payments are made to Paypal. For a full explanation of payment plans and the Boudy Bank system, please click here.

  • Q. Be honest. Are these photos going to be worth the money?

    A. We wish that we could climb a mountain, spread our arms, put on our best Idina Menzel voice and sing, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to the tune of “Let It Go”—that’s how passionate we feel about this particular subject. Investing in high-quality images by Cardinal Sin Boudoir will pay dividends for years to come. Whether the images are intended as a gift to a loved one or as a "pick me up" for your self esteem, these images will be ones you will cherish for a lifetime! Each time you look at your Cardinal Sin Boudoir portraits in the years to come, you’ll be reminded of this moment—a moment that’s full of your beauty, confidence and sex appeal. So yes. We definitely think these photos are going to be worth the money.

*Reservation fees are non-refundable and serves as your agreement to all of the policies listed above.


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